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Argumentative Essay In a five-page essay, argue for or against a controversial issue. Present an argument with reasoning aimed at demonstrating truth or falsehood by presenting supportive examples. The supportive examples may come from widely known opinions or from the research of one source. The title should reflect the essay's overall theme. In the introductory paragraph, briefly discuss the issue, problem, or dilemma. Devise an assertion (argumentative thesis statement underlined) to clearly state your position in the argument. Provide supportive examples in the body paragraphs. Present your argument, opposition, and refutation. A successful argument comprises relevant detail. Be sure to acknowledge the opposing side, but give strongest merit to validate your position. Use argumentative phrases to signal where your argument is strongest. The argumentative phraseology serves to strengthen your reasoning. Conclude by restating the argument or provide a solution in the conclusion. Include a Works Cited list for all quotes and paraphrased ideas. Cite from only one source. Limit this essay to five full pages of double-spaced typing. Remember to utilize a thesaurus.
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Argumentative Essay



Affirmative action is a policy that favors individuals who suffer from any kind of
discrimination, especially in workplaces and education centers. It intended to provide equal
education and employment opportunities for women and members of minority groups.
Affirmative action also known as positive discrimination is a government policy that encourages
equality among the marginalized groups and protects them from any form of discrimination.
Therefore, affirmative action should be embraced because it fosters economic growth and
mitigates cases of discrimination.
As much as this action is positive, there are also negatives sides of the affirmative
action. First, affirmative action increases diversity in the places of work since it promotes
minority proportions for employment (Johnson & Green, 29). It also increases greater
opportunities for children of minorities since they are mainly subjected to violence and poverty.
It also protects one from hatred by enforcing strict punishment to anyone found guilty.
Affirmative action tries to help all disabled people to enter the labor market hence contributing to
the economy of their countries. As a result, the individuals will be able to earn living, therefore,
relieving the government from sustaining them. Government on the other end will be able to
generate income through taxation of all citizens working in different areas.
The process ensures representation of all minorities and also the disadvantaged
groups in levels of authority .The representative will, therefore, function as the inspiring role
models hence in the long run period will assist to fight against stereotype and prejudices. The
disadvantaged groups will, therefore, exercise freedom like any other citizen in the country.
Through representation of the groups in the position of the authority, unity will be achieved
among different groups in the nation.



Johnson and Green illustrate that the process offers a boost to disadvantaged
students in the nation (100). This is mainly for students coming from lower-income families
whereby they would have lower chances to attend private institutions distinct the white students.
Affirmative action works towards ensuring equal cond ition for both students is almost the same
in order to improve the performance of the disadvantaged. This is achieved by taking both the
disadvantaged students and the white students in the same schools where they interact and
improve their performance.
According to Johnson and Green, affirmative action ensures it shields every
individual from all hatred they would have encountered in life (95). This is achieved by
enforcing harsh and strict punishments on anybody found guilty of any personal assault due to
gender, race or sexual harassment. The law makes many citizens think keenly before attempting
any act that is filled with violence or hatred. As a result, peace will be maintained among citizens
due to harsh laws set against hatred (Johnson and Green 245).
Affirmative action ensures there a lot of diversity in all workplaces among
different groups. This makes equality among workers no matter the race or gender. As a result
discrimination levels are reduced to a minimum. Diversity effect will, in turn, make the nation
grow financially due to high performance in a work place. This indicates that for any nation to
grow economically all affirmative action should be put in place in order to give room for all
workers to have one goal of building their nation.
When the process is applied in all workplace it serves as the most active method
of ensuring that all the candidates from the disadvantaged groups are given the opportunity to
prove themselves that they can do as the whites and are capable just like any other student from



the other races. This is very important as it ensures that the disadvantaged stude...

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