ford excursion 2004 6.0 diesel

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 have a excursion 2004 6.0 diesel,that s  made 3 years ore more  the degas bottles have a lost of pressure and vomiting  but d ont lost anti-frezze or just a little,put some time a little bit,do you think if l put art bolt head ,its gone a be ok,d ont want to put head gasket.thanks

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I honestly believe that when it is time for a new head gasket replacement, it must be address properly. However, there are simple remedies that can temporary prolonged the immediate needs of head gasket replacement. First, is the Bars Leak which is intended for head gasket and cooling sealant. http://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/Bar%27s-Leaks-Head-Gasket-&-Cooling-Sealant/0000000088569?gclid=CPvriNmn6LkCFbCDQgodO0MAfg.

You must re-torque the head bolts close to the recommended maximum of the cylinder head. Follow the instruction on the Bar's Leak label.

Warning! When adding torque, make sure you stay on the + or - foot pounds allowed. DO NOT go very far in excess. Otherwise the head bolt or the thread can break causing more problems if the Bar's Leaks does not work.

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