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Based on the course readings for this section analysis the communication strategies Mark McGwire employed to help restore his brand in an interview with Bob Costas regarding to his admission of using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Identify and explain as many of the strategies found in chapter 10 and Coombs’ paper that appear in the interview. Describe how effective – or not - McGwire was utilizing the strategies. Assessments of McGwire’s restoration strategies must be rooted in the course materials for this portion of the course.

The analysis should be 600-700 words. Direct quotes are absolutely prohibited and will be severely punished if used. Analyzes of the McGwire interview must be written in your own words. You will be graded on the depth of the analysis, how well you demonstrate your understanding of the restoration concepts, incorporating information from the class textbook - in your words - in your evaluation, and grammar. Please be sure to include in-text citations and a reference section at the end of the document submitted for a grade. Citations and references must be APA formatted.

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Sports information management

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Sports information management
For the success of any business or organization, branding is essential. Most successful
companies accrue functional and considerable benefits by creating positive emotional ties that
can easily outlive any specific service or product. As a professional baseball first baseman, Mark
McGwire build a brand as one of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history.
Following the attestation of using steroids to break the home run record in baseball in 1998,
Mark McGwire's brand as an athlete was immensely affected. In his interview with Bob Costas
regarding his admission to using performance enhancement drugs, Mark McGw...

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