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  1. First, in your own words, explain McDonaldization, including a discussion of the dimensions Ritzer outlines (efficiency, predictability, calculability/quantity, nonhuman technology, control). Please use your organization as an example. Describe how each of dimensions of McDonaldization applies to your organization. Also discuss what might be the advantages and disadvantages of each dimension for the organization
  2. Provide some comments on the significance of McDonaldization for your example. Do you believe McDonaldization makes the organization you observed operate better or not? Why or why not? Define and describe the concept of the "irrationality of rationality" and describe whether or not this concept is seen in your selected organization. Why or why not?
  3. Provide some concluding comments on the significance of McDonaldization in society. How might McDonaldization lead to Marx's concept of alienation? Describe how the McDonaldization of society may lead to Weber's concept of the "Iron Cage." Do you see McDonaldization as a positive in our current society? Why or why not? Is McDonaldization in any way beneficial for your own social experiences?
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McDonaldization is the application of the business model used by food businesses in
other business that do not sell food and are not directly or indirectly involved with food. This
business model has five characteristics specific to it which are targeted at improving efficiency
and lowering the expenditure of business operations.
McDonaldization makes Polo operate efficiently thereby increasing the profits for the
shareholders by creating high quality garments. By using this approach, Polo reduces the
expenses associated with business operations and can save enough money for research and
marketing of new products.
McDonaldization has made companies from all types of industries to adopt the process
used by McDonalds restaurant.


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