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For this assignment, you are to write an essay comparing the different sources on the Crusades under the Milestone Documents section titled "The Crusades."

Please assess how Latin Christian, Byzantine, Jewish, and Muslim writers understood the events. Be specific and use direct evidence from the sources. You are required to engage with each source. Do not just focus on a single source.

This assignment will be 750 words (about 3 pages) with some flexibility on the word limit.

The grading system remains Pass/High Pass/Fail. For the ease of entry into , I'm going to make the grading numeric. Pass = 25; High Pass= 20; Failed but submitted = 13; No submission or no clear sign of effort in the submission (i.e. One paragraph of 200 words) = 0.

To pass, students must

  1. Write in clear, polished, organized sentences and paragraphs. Single typos or small grammatical errors will not cause you to fail. Persistent errors that make your writing difficult to understand will. Writing should be organized into paragraphs that have a clear topical focus and contribute to the response's broader argument. DO NOT just write one long, stream-of-consciousness paragraph. Doing so WILL result in a failing grade.
  2. Offer a clear answer to the question prompt. Note that "clear" does not mean extreme or lacking nuance.
  3. Engage explicitly with the primary sources. I don't need to know everything you know about the source. I do want to see you draw specific details from it, either as direct quotations or as paraphrases. Because you will be dealing with multiple sources, you must cite them appropriately, using at least a parenthetical.

To receive a high pass, students will

  1. Fulfill all of the requirements to pass the response.
  2. Show excellent command of written communication. Few to no typos or grammatical errors. Concise, well-organized sentences without circumlocution (writing around the idea), fluff, or confusing structure. Flowing, eloquent prose.
  3. Provide a creative or novel answer to the prompt. There is no single correct answer but some will show exceptional levels of sophistication and nuance. These will earn a high pass.
  4. Critical engagement and close-reading of the primary source. To receive a high-pass, students will go beyond superficial analysis and engage closely with the text. Additionally, students who receive a high pass will have shown careful engagement with the texts and their context.

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