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#1 Yulier Rodriguez Medina

Conflict in Health Care

Conflict is a complex behavior. It can occur on various levels – intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, or intergroup. Intrapersonal conflicts occur within the person, whereas interpersonal conflict takes place between people. Likewise, intragroup conflict happens within one group of people and intergroup conflict occurs between two or more groups of people (Forte, 1997). One party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party,” perception plays an important role in conflict. The issues that arise to cause conflict may be genuine or illusory (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010-2015, p. 373). The subsequent conflict is real, nonetheless.

Addressing Conflict.

In my workplace one conflict that arises almost every month is schedule and weekend shifts designation.

Avoidance, compromise, obliging, dominating, and integrating are some of the styles of handling conflict. Shin (2019) suggests that by increasing awareness about health care conflict may catalyze more useful approaches in conflict resolution within the industry. She continues that by addressing negative conflict early on, workplace relations are strengthened and a healthier environment is developed. Kelly (2006) concurs; when conflict management is ignored, the team can dismantle and human potential is wasted.

In order to resolve conflict, managers must first identify the source of the conflict. They learn this by engaging in “careful listening”. Contend that the most important step in conflict management involves stopping the parties from trying to make each other wrong. In order to do this, we can list four strategies that our nurse manager should employ in order to reduce interpersonal conflict that results in verbal abuse among health care workers. They are: increase morale by utilizing creative strategies, institute strict policies regarding abuse while encouraging nurses to report cases as soon as they occur, educate the staff on these policies, and offer mandatory counseling for those nurses who have abused others.

Though workplace conflict can be positive, research indicates that prolonged, unresolved conflict is dysfunctional and can “hinder organizational performance” (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2010-2015, p. 375). Though positive outcomes sometimes result, negative effects of health care worker conflict include patient impact. Frequent, prolonged dysfunctional conflict adds stress to health care workers and quick resolution will help motivate them to retain their positions.


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#2 Yulier Rodriguez medina

1.- Healthcare reform and increased regulatory matters are making healthcare more complex and challenging for board directors than ever before. Boards design their leadership structures to fill all of the needs of the organization efficiently. Each role has a specific job description with expectations for duties, responsibilities and boundaries.

Boards design their leadership structures to fill all of the needs of the organization efficiently. Each role has a specific job description with expectations for duties, responsibilities and boundaries. Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Chief information officers need to know how to create business models; chief financial officers, how to develop risk management strategies.

Leadership strategies emphasized were participation and involvement but also the ability to control implementation processes. Anchoring was effectuated by means of a pedagogical approach including dialogues and feedback before making step-by-step changes in everyday work itself.

2.- CEOs and leaders throughout organizations know they need to change the way they work. As they seek to drive results at a tactical level, leaders are looking for new rules of the road to give them a competitive edge and fuel new industries, markets, products, and services. Leaders must learn how to create an organizational climate where others apply innovative thinking to solve problems and develop new products and services. Jhones B. (2016)

“It is about growing a culture of innovation, not just hiring a few creative outliers. Innovative thinking is a crucial addition to traditional business thinking and it applies to healthcare as any other business”. Beckhard, R. (2019). It allows you to bring new ideas and energy to your role as leader and to solve your challenges. It also paves the way to bring more innovation into your organization.

Teamwork and collaboration is the key. People in innovative organizations communicate well, are open to each other’s ideas, and support each other in shared work. Set up space and processes that encourage interaction, easy exchange of ideas, fun, and serious play.


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Jhones B. Kenneth Blierham Knact. (2016) Market Research Reports provides industry reports by country, project-bid information, and economic trends, and other reports on the NTDB CD.

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#1 Yulier Rodriguez Medina
Conflict in Health Care
I agree with you that just like in any other organization, conflict in a healthcare setting is always
experienced in different levels. Some of the conflicts are genuine while others might be illusory.
However, despite the cause of the conflict, as the healthcare workers we should alw...

Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.


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