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Part of Coach Gibb’s success as a leader is his ability to recognize people's unique strengths and utilize them. This week you will identify your own strengths and personality by taking the DiSC assessment. Once you have your results, you will better understand how your strengths and personality can change how you work with others or the career you pursue.


Step 1: Use the Everything DiSC Management Profile access code that you purchased from the bookstore to complete the assessment.

Step 2: Check your Strayer email account. Your DiSCAssessment results will be sent there. Download your DiSCresults report and save it to your computer.

Step 3: Download the DiSC Assessment Reflection Worksheetand save it to your computer.

Step 4: Follow the directions on the worksheet to complete the assignment.

Step 5: Save your document as FirstInitial_LastName_JGR100_ A2.

Step 6: Submit your assignment using the Week 5 assignment link in Blackboard.


This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).

The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details. (Note: You’ll be prompted to enter your Blackboard login credentials to view these standards.)

Course Connections:

While completing this assignment, be sure to connect your responses to the course content you’ve learned so far. You should use specific phrases, ideas, and quotes from the Strayer Videos, Coach's Huddle, Weekly Readings, and/or Discussion Questions to explain and support your thoughts.

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Assignment 2: Understanding your Strengths and Personality


1. Give a summary of what your style says about your management personality style.
(Page 4 of your report.)

My dominant personality style is D. My D style indicates that I tend to push the
group and myself to achieve ambitious goals. Also, I have the expectation that other
people in the group will maintain a fast pace.

2. Did your results surprise you? Explain why or why not.

The results did not surprise me because I believe they are an actual reflection of
me. I understand myself, and I think they've offered an accurate description of me.
3. Identify your “priorities” from the report (these are the areas where you focus most of
your energy).

Based on style D, my priorities include offering challenge, taking action as well
as displaying drive.

4. Describe 2 situations where your priorities have helped you reach yo...

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