Advanced Ethernet Switching modes

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Ethernet is a common method of moving packets along a network. Review the Advanced Ethernet Switching modes in your Business Data Networks and Telecommunications textbook. Write a 4– to 7-page paper describing these modes and how they might be used in today's global network environment. Include the following in your paper: · Distinguish the basics between channels and circuits. · Explain the concept of Ohm's law and its importance to circuit troubleshooting. · Compare circuit and packet-switched networks. · Based on your readings, define the network protocols and how they provide safety against communications failure. · Identify which types of businesses would most benefit from this type of technology. · Provide examples of what currently available systems can be enhanced and where additional opportunities exist. · Explain how the current network architecture equipment can be used or must be upgraded to allow for your recommended uses Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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