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Part 1 - Proposal

Refer to your textbook for guidance in writing the proposal. Standard parts of informal proposals include (a) a persuasive introduction explaining the purpose of the proposal; (b) background identifying the problem and project goals; (c) a proposal, plan, or schedule outlining the project; (d) a section describing staff qualifications (you won’t need to include this in your proposal); (e) expected costs (include your anticipated costs for additional certifications or memberships); and (f) a request for approval or authorization (you are requesting approval from me for your Analytical paper topic).

Part 2 - Analytical Paper assignment - First Draft
Your drafts should be a pretty good start on your paper. For the draft, you want to have at least 1200 words written. Include your references and citations in APA. I’m going to be checking that you are using appropriate sources.

Your final paper draft will be graded on:

Appropriateness of topic



Selection of sources

Meet word requirement

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Refer to your textbook for guidance in writing the proposal.

Anticipated costs for additional certifications or memberships.

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Proposal Criteria Ratings Pts Topic 0.0 pts Unsatisfactory 2.0 pts Above Average Clearly describes the topic and how it relates to your career choice. 1.0 pts Average Simple description of the topic but does not explain career choice Does not 2.0 pts describe the topic Paper Format 8.0 pts Above Average Paper properly formatted as a business proposal. 4.0 pts Average Paper mostly formatted as a business proposal. 0.0 pts Unsatisfactory Does not properly format as a business proposal. 8.0 pts Paper Format 5.0 pts Above Average Appealing format with clean design and consistent fonts 2.5 pts Average Mostly appealing format with clean design and consistent fonts 0.0 pts Unsatisfactory Not appealing format with clean design and consistent fonts 5.0 pts Spelling and grammar 5.0 pts Above Average 2.5 pts Average 0.0 pts Unsatisfactory More than 3 errors in spelling and No errors in spelling and 1-3 errors in spelling and 5.0 pts grammar grammar grammar Total Points: 20.0
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Analytical Paper Assignment- Outline
I. Introduction
A. My enthusiasms for marketing career stemmed from my admiration of successful
CEOs and managers who worked hard to make their dreams come true.
B. Therefore, I believe that my decision to choose a career in marketing will offer
greater opportunities and help me make a difference in the society.
C. Marketing career will give me theoretical understanding, a broader idea of how
business meets technology and how it has been started with the desire to express
since the creation of human beings.
D. I want to solve specific problem areas such as the economic development through
marketing, creation of the different marketing models and company strategies and
effective use of social media in marketing.
II. Why Marketing is the Best Career
A. Marketing connotes different things to different organizations based on their scale
of operation
B. However, marketing revolves around the ethos of delivering goods and services to
the end-users right from the manufacturing stage
C. I want to be an active marketer in the contemporary business environment. The
role can mean a lot of different things to a lot of various organizations.
D. Since I am interested in a career in marketing, I have to learn more about the
various niches of marketing and seeing if there's one that will interest me more
than others and then seek out relevant jobs accordingly.
III. Requirements and Experience Needed for Marketing Managers



A. The first step to becoming a marketing manager is earning a bachelor’s degree.
B. Ideally, an individual should be well versed in digital communications from
writing to social media and web analytics.
C. Entry level jobs in marketing require from zero to two years of experience with
starting salary averaging 35 to 45000 dollars.
D. Marketing managers require 3 to 4 years of experience and the salary ranges from
50 to 65000 dollars.
E. Director of marketing requires six to seven years of experience and with average
salary of 75 to 100000 dollars.
F. The top most level in marketing is the Chief marketing officers whose job
requires at least 20 years of experience with an average salary of 300,000 dollars.
G. The most critical certifications in marketing career come from online channels
including HubSpot and Hootsuite.
H. Marketing professionals wishing to advance in community are recommended to
acquire a trade association which is crucial for the to connect with others in the
marketing industry.
I. Master’s degree is useful for those who want to pursue leadership or start their
own company.
IV. Careers Related to Marketing and Roles of Marketing Managers
A. Several careers are related to marketing including entrepreneurship and human
resource management.

B. Unlike marketing, entrepreneurship individuals exchange ideas, come up with
blueprints on how they are going to build the foundation for their business, learn
about how to work with money and invest and save, and most importantly.
C. Human resource and marketing are related in such a way that one function better
with the other.
D. Marketing managers responsible for developing, implementing and executing
strategic marketing plans for an entire organization (or lines of business and
brands within an organization) in order to attract potential customers and retain
existing ones.
E. Their day usually consists of financial reviews, data analysis marketing plan or
channel plan reviews, brainstorms and discussions on creative, strategy or
programs, and leadership meetings.
V. Analysis of Information and Qualities Needed for Effective Mark...

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