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A number of recent studies have cast doubts about the link between video games and violence,
but there seems to be no definitive answer.


Read the CNN
article which describes three high-profile cases: Norway Killer, Columbine High School Shootings, and Grand Theft Auto.


In a 3-5 page
paper, research at least two of these three cases and present your findings. Your findings will show what professionals have determined (or not) and will not be your opinion. Person opinions
do not count in research papers, just facts.


formatting: Start with an Abstract, then add a summary of facts section. Follow that with an analysis section where issues are identified and discussed. Finish with a conclusion where implications are addressed. Cite all sources in the body of the paper in abbreviated format, and again in a reference page (full citation). Follow APA guidelines! Note: Abstract and Reference
page(s) are not counted as one of the 3-5 pages.


The case
study grading rubric can be found in the student center under class


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