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For the Outline, you will do the following:

  1. Begin with your Thesis Statement.
  2. Break the major ideas into Sections (Upper-Case Roman Numerals)--you should have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 sections.
  3. Under the Sections, give Body Paragraph Topic Sentences (Upper-Case Letters)--you should have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 sentences per Section.
  4. If you choose to develop the Outline further, then follow the subdivisions and their labeling above (Reasons, Source Data, Commentary)--there are not minimum numbers in these areas other than you must give commentary after source material. **These "extra" subdivisions are not factored into the grade for Step 6, so you will not be penalized if you choose not to develop them. However, if you do, it can only benefit you since you will receive the extra feedback.
  5. If you give data from your sources, you must cite it in text or parenthetically.

NOTES: Remember the following principles when composing the outline:

  • each point is a complete sentence; there are no fragments;
  • do not offer the introduction, nor the conclusion;
  • see the "Outline Template" Pages for rules regarding outlines; (attached below)

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Outline Thesis Statement: You will make your main assertion in this statement. I. Each Roman Numeral will be a Sentence about a Section. A. Every capital letter will represent a Body Paragraph Topic Sentence. 1. Each Arabic Number gives a Reason for the Body Paragraph Topic Sentence a. The lower-case letters will be Information from Steps 4 or 5—Evidence. i. The lower-case Roman Numeral will offer Analysis of borrowed information—tie it to topic sentence. 2. Successive Arabic Numbers will offer more Reasons for the Body Paragraph Topic Sentence. a. When you give a reason, you should support it with Information from Steps 4 or 5--Evidence. i. Always offer Analysis of borrowed information--tie it to topic sentence B. Each Section will have a minimum of 2 Body Paragraph Topic Sentences. 1. Always provide Your Reason for the Body Paragraph Topic Sentence. a. Your Reasons are more supported by Information from Steps 4 or 5-Evidence. i. Don't forget to give Analysis of borrowed information--tie it to topic sentence. II. A new Section Sentence belongs to a new Roman Numeral.
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Outline: Assistive technology for visually impaired people

Thesis Statement: The assistive technology is effective for visually impaired people; they get
visual aid by using it.
I. This section will be about t...

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