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Please someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject and African american culture! Please read below for the format of the paper. Must follow all instructions. MUST BE MLA STYLE!!

AML 2600 Online - The Research Paper Format

The process of writing a research paper is not very different from the process of writing any other paper. You much choose a suitable subject and a clear purpose, gather information, organize the writing, and revise. Unlike some other papers, research papers do not always develop in a sequence; writers must retrace steps or sometimes even start over and over again.

I expect effective use of the library; successful paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting of sources; and the accurate use of MLA (the system of citations and references for this class).

Your research paper may take any of the following approaches:

Answer a question, present an argument, or survey literature

Your topic must be on something that is related to African American Literature of African American History. (person, event, etc.)

Please refer to any updated Handbook for information about the research paper and the MLA style

for documentation. This information may also be obtained from the internet.

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Be sure to do the following:

…Number your


…Use at least one

citation per page.

…Use font size 12

…Double space

Note: I will approve your research topic. Once your final topic has been approved, you cannot change your topic, without having a letter graded dropped from your paper.

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Works Cited

…This is the page that will include the sources you would have cited within the paper.

..A minimum of 4

sources are required for your research paper.

.The body of your paper should be a total of 5-7

pages. This does not include the title page, outline page, works cited page, and approval page.

Thesis: (one sentence – main idea)










(Use a sentence or topic outline. See MLA for rule.


(You may include graphics on this page.)


Your Name

Dr. Muriel Fuqua, Professor



Research Paper

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Note: If you decide to include charts, graphs, pictures, etc. you can only have one body page with this information, and it cannot be a whole page

Listed below is the layout of the Research Paper:

Note: For all written assignments, if you adhere to the ‘page requirement,’ you will get the total word count needed for the entire course.

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Surname 1
The Slave Narratives of American African Literature
Slavery marked one of the greatest histories of the United States in the 18th and 19th
centuries. These two centuries marked the period before the independence of the Unite States
and the period after its independence (Ira, 2009). White supremacy that saw African Americans
as inferior beings was the main reason why the Africans were subjected to slavery. During the
slavery period, several African Americans voiced their concerns through African American
literature aiming to reach their perpetrators and those who were passionate enough for their
wellbeing. They mainly aimed at suppressing the thought that Africans were intellectually
inferior and reach out to anti-slavery persons and movements. The Independence of the nation
saw a rise of certain movements that were anti-slavery but their efforts seemed to be in vain for
the longest part of their activities.
The institution of slavery was legal in the Southern states during the rise of the African
American literature but not in the Northern states. The African Americans were the individuals
subjected to slavery. It was justified by its supporters in the South as an unavoidable situation
and hence terming it “a necessary evil” and “a positive good”. Slavery contributed greatly to the
economic status of the nation and boosted the social life of many in the South. This was through

Surname 2
the much labour they provided in the Southerner’s cotton farms and the liquidity the slaves
offered to their owners and the states. Therefore, those in support of slavery thought that the
harm its end would course would be bitter than its furtherance.
The pre-revolutionary war period marked tremendous changes in the US and in the
African American literature as well (Joanna, 2003). At this period, the US had ...

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