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Spanish: Can you translate this is Object pronoun form?

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Can you show it (m) to us?

My brother sees it (f).

Recite them to me!

He is listening to you (informal).

John does not understand her.

You (pl.) need to explain the reason to them (f.)

I never write to him.

Don't explain it (m.) to me!

Oct 10th, 2014

Nos lo puedes mostrar?

Mi hermano lo ve.


El está escuchándote.

Juan no la comprende.

Ustedes necesitan explicarles a ellas la razón.

Nunca le escribí.

No me lo expliques!

Oct 21st, 2014

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Oct 10th, 2014
Oct 10th, 2014
Mar 30th, 2017
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