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Dysfunctional Relationships are relationships that do not perform their appropriate function; that is, they do not emotionally support the participants, foster communication among them, appropriately challenge them, or prepare or fortify them for life in the larger world.( Tina B. Tessina, 2018)

To prevent conflicts, a professional code of conduct should be established, not only in the hospital but also as part of group practice policies and medical staff bylaws. Ground rules make it easier to discipline, as they take personality out of the equation. A disciplinary structure should be developed, so that the mechanisms and the referral pattern to higher authority are well understood. General knowledge of this discipline pathway can often facilitate resolution at a lower level. Everyone needs to understand that there are firm limits on inappropriate behavior.

Pitfalls that leaders should be careful to avoid include taking people for granted, failing to keep promises, failing to take responsibility for one's own errors, and failing to practice what one preaches. The key to survival as a leader is to develop emotional intelligence and to engender it in the work environment.( F.A. Chervenak, L.B. 2015)

Litigation is now readily available for those who feel that they are working in a hostile work environment. The hostile environment may be the result of abusive behavior by other employees, supervisors, or physicians. When a dysfunctional behavior pattern is recognized, an intervention should be made. ( Blum LA, Hunt DW, 2015) This action is necessary not only for patient safety but also because lack of action could be interpreted by the courts as negligent or as condoning a hostile work environment. When a confrontation is necessary, a team approach should be used, and if possible, a member of the team should be a close acquaintance of the individual.

The workplace is becoming more violent as people are unable to handle the stresses of life. Over 1 million workers are assaulted each year in the US workplace, and the health care industry is no exception to this frightening statistic. Violent incidences have been reported between physicians, as the changing pattern of medical practice creates enormous stress on both work and family. If the warning signs are not heeded, disastrous consequences can occur. Similarly, interactions with families of very sick patients can turn physical as emotions overcome rational thought.


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Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D; 2018/Discovering Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance and Independence. Newsletter: Psychology of the Workplace environment. 

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Dr. Wanda Morancy

Study of Groups Dynamics is a "system of behaviors and psychological processes occurring within a social group or between social groups." In other words, it is the study of the behavior of individuals in groups, how they become members and how they react to others in the group. The study is based in both psychology and sociology.

Explained how group cohesiveness is developed and sustained and how you can apply this to your healthcare setting.

Group cohesiveness can be defined as a bond that pulls people toward membership in a particular group and resists separation from that group. In addition, group cohesion generally has three characteristics.( Friedkin NE. 2017) They include the following:

Interpersonal Attraction

This means group members have a preference or want to interact with each other. Group members enjoy this interaction and seek it out.

Group Pride

This involves group members viewing their membership to a specific group with fondness. They feel proud of their group membership, and staying in the group feels valuable.

Commitment to the Work of the Group

Group members value the work of the group and believe in its goals. They are willing to work together to complete tasks which are aligned with these group goals, even through adversity.

The nature of care itself and new ways of working are potentially highly stressful for staff.( Dahl-Michelsen T, 2015) Nurses in my workplace are not only experiencing an increase in the volume and intensity of their work but are having to accommodate new protocols and a very “new normal.” For instance, many mental health services have transformed almost overnight from providing face?to?face care and treatment to a predominately virtual service of telephone or video consultations. Nurses are therefore frequently standing in for family members and facilitating remote access for loved ones.

Supporting nurses practically and psychologically is essential to preserving their health in the short and long term, particularly when occupational stress levels are so high. Improving our interpersonal and professional relationships through group cohesiveness has been undoubtedly the most useful and stronger strategy.


Dahl-Michelsen T. Psychology in the Workplace. PhD thesis. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Centre for Professions Research; 2015.

Friedkin NE. Social cohesion. Annu Rev Sociol. 2017;30:409–425. doi: 10.1146/annurev.soc.30.012703.110625

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Dear Extra,
I agree with your post concerning dysfunctional relationships and their effects on an
individual's wellbeing. Technically, the generation of decreased support stems from such
relationships as they tend to propagate environments that promote peace development. In fact, it
is under such appropriations that I concur w...

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