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Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:

Chapter 11- discussion question #1-4 & exercise 4a

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Discussion Question 1-4

1. Explain why it is useful to describe group work in terms of the time/place framework.

2. Describe the kinds of support that groupware can provide to decision makers.

3. Explain why most groupware is deployed today over the Web.

4. Explain in what ways physical meetings can be inefficient. Explain how technology can make meetings more effective.

Exercise 4

Compare Simon’s four-phase decision-making model to the steps in using GDSS.

The main text book is

Turban, E., Sharda, R., & Delen, D. (2010). Decision support and business intelligence systems (required). Google Scholar.

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Explanation & Answer

Please find the attached. I have uploaded the assignment earlier than the initial deadline. This is to give you time to ask for any revisions. kindly go through the assignment as soon as possible. Let me know if you need any clarification

Question 1
Group work can be described according to time and workplace; This depends on the time of the
message transmission and the location of members.
Question 2
Groupware provides software that can be used in decision-making processes and facilitate
effective communication.
Question 3
Groupware is deployed over the web because of its efficiency and effective in facilitating
Question 4
Unlike physical meetings, virtual meetings open ways in which people can meet virtually from
anywhere and at any time.
Question 5
The comparison of Simon’s four-phase decision-making model to GDSS involves components
and elements that get used in both models during decision making.


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