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the outsiders poem - illustraton

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Nov 19th, 2017

 Standing at the corner
Smoking a cigarette
I’m quiet as I
Watch a beautiful sun set

Me and my buddies
Are just out hanging
It ain’t one of those days
When we’re out gang-banging

He says something funny
And we all have a good laugh
He’s just one of those comical ones
Man, such a wisecrack

But it’s kind of been a bad week
We crossed the imaginary fence
They rebelled back
Gave us all their vengeance

I think back to that day
We were smoking a cigarette
When they pulled up in their blue Mustang
Man, they were a threat

They showed us their switchblades
Pulled out their mighty guns
Who are they aiming for?
Oh yeah, I forgot, everyone

Blood caked on his shirt
And dripped from his face on the sidewalk
I don’t have common sense
But I’m smart enough not to talk

I felt useless
Man, he almost died
I was so upset and scared
But a man is not supposed to cry

Well, with a bandage, he’s okay
But even though it’s been a while
We gotta be careful anyway

We gotta watch out for ourselves and each other
We’re real close
These guys are my brothers

It’s weird how it works
‘Cause man, the rich and poor are the same
We’re so different
Yet enjoy playing this shooting game

But whoever did wrong is always weak
The fame you used to have
Well that news is antique

But like I said
My troubles aren’t anyone’s bet
I’m just standing at the corner
Smoking a cigarette

Oct 22nd, 2014

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Nov 19th, 2017
Nov 19th, 2017
Nov 20th, 2017
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