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Table shows fallacies 

ambiguitydivisioncompositionequivocationnon sequiturdistorting the factspost hoc ergo propter hocmany questionshasty generalizationslippery slopeparade of horrorsfalse analogystraw manspecial pleadingbegging the questionfalse dichotomyover simplificationred herringtu quoquegeneticpoisoning the wellappeal to ignoranceappeal to authorityappeal to feardeath by a thousand qualificationsprotecting the hypothesisor any other fallacy in the lecture notes or readings!

1. Pick one of these fallacies or any other (try to pick one different from your classmates') and write a brief example of it and a brief explanation of its fallaciousness. Your sentence should have a false premise, factual error, or logical inconsistency making it invalid or unsound. 

Example 1:

The governor was an action movie star, all brawn and no brains. How can we expect him to lead? 

--> This is an ad hominem fallacy because it impugns a person's character ("no brains") without any evidence while also associating that purported trait with an unrelated attribute (being unable to lead). 

2. Create either an unsound or a sound syllogism based on anything you want. An unsound syllogism must be logically invalid, factually untrue, or both. A sound syllogism must be both logically valid and true. After you write your unsound or sound syllogism, state why the conclusion, major/minor premises, facts, etc., are flawed or flawless.

Example 2: 

I'm opting to write an unsound syllogism here...

Davis is a sub-par rhythm guitarist.
Davis is an English teacher.
Therefore, all English teachers are sub-par rhythm guitarists. 

--> Untrue factually about Davis :) Moreover, opinions can't be proved. This is also invalid logically, as it commits the fallacy of composition wherein something true of one thing is spuriously applied to all similar things. Therefore, this syllogism is "unsound."

3. What's a real world example of a time when you've seen ethos, pathos, and logos in effect at the same event or location? Think politics, interviews, the mall...

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Logic Discussion
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Question One

Example One:
Monroe, my classmate, said her linguistics class was hard, which was also said by
Rose. All linguistics classes must be hard.
This is an example of hasty generalization fallacy because the sentence creates a quick
conclusion about a whole range of linguistic subject or class ...

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