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Using August Wilson’s Fences as the source to cite, write a five-paragraph essay in response to: Critics have argued that Fences is an allegory, which is a work that uses a character, a place, or an event to deliver a message about real-world issues and occurrences. Are there any characters that makes Fences an allegory and why? Form your thesis statement, find three citations (remember, one per supporting paragraph), and argue your point.

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Analysis of Symbolism in the Play Fences
Fences is a play authored by August Wilson about the life and family of Troy, who is an
African American working for a garbage collection firm. Critics state that this play is an allegory
and the fact is that this play has a lot of symbolism, and the reason why the author named the
play Fences was due to the symbolic nature of the play. The fence building project is a figurative
device that represents the relationships of Troy's family characterized by bonding and breaking
of relationships in Maxson's backyard. Troy's wife Rose wanted her husband to finish building
the fence because she wanted it to keep the people she loved together. On the other hand, Troy
and his son Cory see the fence as a drag, and they are not focused on finishing it. This play is an
allegory that represents the lives and families of African Americans in the 20th century, which is
characterized by a weak family structure and failing relationships, and different struggles that
this group faced.
In this play, there are discussions related to the lives of African Americans during
different periods of American history, and this play has a hidden meaning related to the lives of
the Black community. The play is set in a time ...

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