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Using at least three of the concepts listed below, write an essay on an experience, incident, or process you have undergone. Be sure to show how you are using the concepts to illuminate or “think through” (understand, explain, account for) the experience. You can be creative in your writing, but be sure to clearly identify the concept(s) you have chosen (cite the concept at the first instance) and use the concepts in a way that is accurate and appropriate. Ask yourself: how well does this concept travel from the original text to the new context (of my experience?)


The learning objective of the assignment is twofold: first, to make explicit connections between the material we are reading in class and your own lived experience. Second, to practice operationalizing (putting into use) the concepts introduced in the class, thereby demonstrating your understanding of them.


Accuracy (/14)

How faithful is your use of each concept to the author’s definition?

Appropriateness (/14)

Are the concepts chosen appropriate? Do they illuminate, explain, or help theorize the experience?

Reflexivity (/14)

Does the paper demonstrate sustained reflection on the relevance and significance of the material we are studying for your own lived experience?

Integration (/14)

Is it clear that you have made meaningful connections between the material (the concepts chosen) and your experience?

Expression (/14)

Is your writing precise, concise, articulate, and direct? Is your paper well organized? Is it engaging?

Total (70)

DESCARTES’ Meditation on First Philosophy:

  • Withdrawal (meditation, philosophical reflection)
  • Foundationalism (cognitive structures/mapping)
  • First Philosophy (architectural analogies)
  • Substance

HEGEL'S Lordship and Bondage:

  • Recognition
  • Disillusionment
  • Letting go
  • Passing over
  • Return / Recoil
  • Supersession/Sublation
  • Externalization

MARX’S Estranged/Alienated Labor:

  • Estrangement, Alienation (self, Other, world)
  • Authentic Production

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In the past I used to think that philosophical concepts are too abstract and contemplative and thus
far removed from everyday reality. I used to think that there is no way of making a connection
between such concepts that are driven by the power of reason and are meant to understand the
nature of truth and day to day philosophical concepts. But as we know philosophy starts with
wonder and amusement and dissatisfaction with the answers that we used to consider as being
true. As such, there were certain moments in which I used certain philosophical concepts and
categories in order to make sense of the problems and issues that I have encountered in my daily
life and the concepts were employed when I tried to reflect on some of the major problems that I
have encountered. In this essay by borrowing the concepts of withdrawal from Descartes,
recognition from the philosophy of Hegel and alienation from Marx, I will try to show at
different moments in my life I was actually able to make a connection between philosophical
concepts and the my day to day existence.
I found Descartes’ concept of withdrawal and rational meditation to be useful in so many
different moments in my life. Sometimes when we are overwhelmed by the things that we
experience on a daily basis and are looking for the truth, we decide that we should develop a
skeptic attitude towards what we used to take for granted. In such moments of reflection and
meditation, we decide that rather than simply accepting the ideas of others, the solution is to take
a step back reflect and ponder the natu...

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