stalled and then stopped stalling

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I have had no problems with my '99 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder. It has 136,000 miiles.  I was 1 hour away from home. At the end of the day I started the car to go home.  As soon as I took my foot off of the gas it stalled.  A friend of mine who is mechanically inclined came to help.  He tried it probably 30 times but as soon as he took his foot off the gas it stalled..  He decided to drive the car home by balancing the brake with the accelerator.  He was on the road for 5 minutes when the problem totally disappeared.  It has not happened since.  Do you know what caused this?  

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The fix is
With the engine off, remove the air line running into the throttle-body (the silver thing on top with the hose running into it), clean the throttle-body (metal flapper door) with air intake cleaner (its about $3.00 at most auto stores). Open the throttle, and spray the air intake cleaner into the small square hole in the bottom of the throttle-body (this is the IAC control which is causing the problem).


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