AAAD 130 UNC Roles Of Black Women In A Raisin In The Sun Comparative Essay

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AAAD 130

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Write an essay Comparing The different roles of black women in raisin in the sun.
Support argument with examples from the text. Critical paper.

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Roles Of Black Women In A Raisin In The Sun
The role of Black women is one of the central themes that embody this story. It is worth
noting that the story depicts courageous and revolutionary black women who struggle to fight for
Firstly, Lena is a black woman who makes numerous efforts to save her family from
being dissolved by remaining righteous and resolving numerous conflicts. She portrays black
women's role of finding happiness for their families.
Moreover, even though Lena is regarded as an old-fashioned black woman, she portrays
some sense of responsibility when she buys a house in the whites'' neighborhood.
Mama is a Christian woman who significantly values moral accountability. She is seen
to be active in keeping her family from sacrificing ethics.
Beneatha is a reflection of what we call a feminist in contemporary society. She aspires to
be a physician, and she would not opt to become a nurse like other women

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