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Q.1) There are three types of needs according to McClelland's theory. Pick a need and describe a hobby or job that an individual may enjoy according to the need of your choice. Be sure to state the need and provide justification for why the individual would enjoy the hobby or job that you chose.

Q.2) Display rules for different types of emotions were discussed within this chapter. It is also notable that display rules are different among various cultures. Compare and contrast display rules for ONE emotion when compared to American culture. You can use your individual culture or a culture that interests you as a reference for comparison. There is NO need to define display rules in your post, anyone who read for this week will know what a display rule is and it will be redundant to list it here,.

Requirement: 550 - 600 words maximum each Questions. APA format.

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Question one
The need for achievement as stated by McClelland motivates an individual to work hard and
achieve more goals in his career. This desire creates an urge within an individual that enables
him to strive so as to meet his objectives within the course of his career. Any individual who
works or engaged in sporting activity will always try to smart and be recognized in that particular
field (Pardy, 2017). He would try to break goals that had been there for many years and set his
goals that may be difficult to break or may take so many years to smash. What drives this
individual is the desire to achieve so as to prove a mark in this field. There are many fields where
this need for achievement is crucial. In the sporting industry, to be specific, football has seen
many players getting recognized for their outstanding display in the field.
There are numerous players in football who have outstanding careers that would stand for years
before they are broken. These records includes, the number of goals scored, the number of assists
made in match, the number of saves, the number of appearances made and the number of
unbeaten records. All these are made possible when the player(s) is determined to achieve some
remarkable feats in the field. All these are driven by this theory of achievement.
A player may enjoy scoring many go...

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