IVC Covid 19 Public Health Problems & Concerns & Human Health Discussion


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The topic is COVID-19

You will organize the paper into sections with the following subtitles:

  • Public Health Problem
  • How to Solve the Problem
  • Challenges in the Future

Those sections need to include the following information.

  • Public Health Problem
    • In which you describe the problem and why it is a public health problem
    • Where, when, and how did this happen?
      • This will be different for each problem, as some are centuries old and some are specifically recent. Some are the result of recent human industry, and others are viral mutations. Explain accordingly.
    • What are the biological and/or psychological ways this harms human health?
    • When and why did this problem become an issue of concern for public health?
      • Be specific about when and where people focused on public health got involved.
  • How to Solve the Public Health Problem
    • In which you describe public health interventions or policies used to solve the problem.
    • Include two past attempts to solve the problem, explaining why they are not done anymore or done differently.
    • Include two recent methods, explaining why they are more effective (or less, as the case may be).
  • Challenges in the Future: What are the challenges of preventing the problem from recurring or getting worse?
    • In which you explain the key challenges in preventing the problem from reoccurring or getting worse
    • Provide two ways to prevent the recurrence or worsening of the problem, explaining the challenges to implementing these solutions.
    • Conclude by providing your opinion on how to meet these challenges and prevent this problem in the future, giving two examples.


  • At least six references
  • You can have more!
  • At least four must be scholarly references
  • All six must be cited in the paper
  • Read “Writing and Research Resources and Links” in the Short Research Paper Module.


Quotes, Canvas, and Turnitin.com

Quotations are not allowed.

  • If you use a quotation, 10 points will be deducted EACH time.
  • An example of a quote: In class, Dr. Gideonse said, "Quotations are not allowed."
  • Obviously, plagiarism is not allowed either. Be sure to paraphrase carefully and correctly.
  • Please go through the paraphrasing resources provided here: Writing and Research Resources and Links.

The attached picture is the rubric.

IVC Covid 19 Public Health Problems & Concerns & Human Health Discussion
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Public Health Problem




Public Health Problem
Public Health Problem
Coronavirus disease [COVID-19] is an infectious disease that was recently discovered
in China. The disease is caused by a novel coronavirus that was recently discovered in China.
Since the virus was discovered in China in 2019, it has gone and spread to all corners of the
world, where it has had devastating social and economic impacts. The United States is
perhaps one of the countries in the world that have been worst hit by the virus. By today, the
virus has infected more than 12 million people and claimed the lives of more than two
hundred and fifty-four thousand Americans (Halleck & MacFarquhar, 2020). Over the last
century, the United States has not seen a disease that has claimed so many lives in such a
short duration. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, and majorly affects the lungs. The virus is
transmitted from one person to another through droplets that are released when individuals
cough, sneeze, or breath. In many cases where the disease is severe, it causes inflammation to
the lungs and makes breathing difficult (Ledford, 2020).
While it is evident that there is limited knowledge on the source of the virus and how
it was spread to humans, there is a suggestion that the virus was transferred from wild
animals to humans. It is largely believed that the disease started at an animal market in the
Wuhan province of China. In this marker, there is an active sale of wild animals, and it is
believed that the disease started in this region. The nature of exactly what happene...

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