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Format: 4-5 page paper (not including the title page and reference page) submitted via Turnitin; APA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font). The paper should be written in a narrative form. No bullet points.

Your paper should include the following sections:

I. Introduction

    • In an introductory paragraph (s), introduce the public health problem or the issue you are trying to address. Discuss the controversy surrounding the public health issue and policy decision. You should content from your discussion posts from week 4-6.

II. Identification and description of policy options- before writing this section, you will research possible options relevant to the problem that you identified and described. Identify at least 3 policy solutions and answer questions about the public health impact, feasibility, and economic impacts. In this section, you will summarize the answers to the following questions for each of the three policy solutions.

    1. Public Health Impact: Potential for the policy to impact risk factors, quality of life, disparities, morbidity, and mortality.
      • How does the policy address the problem or issue (e.g., increase access, protect from exposure)?
      • What is the magnitude, reach, and distribution of benefit and burden (including impact on the risk factor, quality of life, morbidity, and mortality)?
      • What population(s) will benefit? How much? When?
      • What population(s) will be negatively impacted? How much? When?
      • Will the policy impact health disparities/health equity? How?
      • Are there gaps in the data/evidence-base?
    2. Feasibility*: Likelihood that the policy can be successfully adopted and implemented.
      • Political: What are the current political forces, including political history, environment, and policy debate?
      • Political: Who are the stakeholders, including supporters and opponents? What are their interests and values?
      • Political: What are the potential social, educational, and cultural perspectives associated with the policy option (e.g., lack of knowledge, fear of change, a force of habit)?
      • Political: What are the potential impacts of the policy on other sectors and high priority issues (e.g., sustainability, economic impact)?
      • Operational: What are the resource, capacity, and technical needs developing, enacting, and implementing the policy?
      • Operational: How much time is needed for the policy to be enacted, implemented, and enforced.
      • Operational: How scalable, flexible, and transferable is the policy?
    3. Economic and budgetary impacts: Comparison of the costs to enact, implement, and enforce the policy with the value of the benefits. (Think about budgets and the financial impact hypothetically)
        • Budget: What are the costs and benefits associated with the policy, from a budgetary perspective? o
          • e.g., for the public (federal, state, local) and private entities to enact, implement, and enforce the policy?
        • Economic: How do costs compare to benefits (e.g., cost-savings, costs averted, ROI, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit analysis, etc.)?
          • How are costs and benefits distributed (e.g., for individuals, businesses, government)? o
          • What is the timeline for costs and benefits?
        • Economic: Where are there gaps in the data/evidence-base?

III. Assessing policy option - Using the policy analysis worksheet, assess each option independently against the criteria. Do not include this or table in your paper. If included, please only add it as an appendix.

    • Based on the ratings assigned from your assessment using the policy analysis worksheet, evaluate the policy alternatives against each other, and prioritize the policy options. Criteria are not intended to be examined in isolation. Which policy(s) you prioritize will depend on the weight you place on the three criteria and the overall analysis.
    • In this section of your paper, describe the results of your evaluation and which policy options are prioritized.

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. Use APA format for references. Include a title page, section headers, and in-text citations.
  2. The title page and reference pages are not included in the page requirement.
  3. References should be from reputable websites and organizations (local, state, and federal websites). Do not use websites such as Wikipedia. Peer-reviewed sources are highly recommended.
  4. Submit the assignment in a word document or pdf.

Below is an idea of how many pages you should have for each section.

  • Title Page
  • Introduction- 1 page
  • Description of Policy Options (summary of findings to questions)- 2 -3 pages
  • Results of Policy Evaluation 2-3 pages
  • Reference Page- 7-10 references at a minimum

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Topic: Black Maternal Mortality Rates in the US
1. Introduction
a. Reports indicate a continued exacerbation of the healthcare services offered to the
black race, particularly mothers in the United States, with empirical evidence
postulating rising mortality rates from 7.2deaths per 100000 in 1897 to about 17.4
death rates in 100000 in 2019
b. Additional systemic factors that may be attributed to the compromised healthcare
services for the black maternal cohort include low wages and salaries compared to
that of the white counterparts that make them choose between essential services, such
as housing amenities, food, and childcare
2. Identification and description of the policy options
a. Facilitating the expansion and maintenance of their access to health coverage
a) The prevalent gaps in healthcare coverage are a major contributing factor for
the increased mortalities among the postulated cohort, and increasing their
access could increase access to quality healthcare services
b) The feasibility of the postulated policy could be attributed to the
contemporary policy debate over the equal rights to access to government
services by distinct individuals regardless of their racial origins, although it is
contrary to the previous political history
b. Encouraging review boards to provide patient-centered care that is fully responsive to
the needs of the black race

a) The primary intent is to eliminate discriminative actions against the black race
when accessing healthcare services across the states. The policy is specific to
the black population as statistics postulate close to 22% of those who seek
healthcare services report discrimination incidents when going to the doctor or
b) Due to the continued rise of human rights activists globally, there is an
increased prospect of the policy being considered for adoption and
implementation given the cultural and educational enlightenment in modernday society
c. Expansion of the paid family and medical leave programme
a) Empirical evidence postulates that pregnancy-related deaths in 100000 live
births among the black expectant mother cohort were five times higher than
those of white women within the vicinity.
b) The policy will empower black women across the region to take care of their
health and well-being and their families to enhance their physical, mental, and
psychological health.
3. Policy option assessment
a) Upon in-depth evaluation of the presented policy options as indicated on the used
criteria, fostering access and maintenance of access to health coverage among the
black population is the most feasible and effective strategy in efforts towards the
lessening and potentially eliminating the prevalent healthcare disparities in access
to healthcare ...

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