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8 questions quiz. electrical engineering first year, course name is : 208-EECE101-02-5197.

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Assume that you hold a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and are a professor at a university. You've
received the e-mail solicitations for scientific journal submissions that are shown in the images.
Which one of the following options does not indicate that a solicitation may have been sent out
by a predatory journal?


Person sending email does not have a "Western" surname commonly found among
people with ancestry in Western Europe.

2.High degree of flattery and compliments.

E-mail is sent from a personal free account rather than from a university or business
domain that contains an abbreviation of the journal name.

4.Focus area of journal is far outside your field of expertise.


1. Imagine that you are working in a research lab that is looking into new designs for
parking space vehicle sensors and have been tasked with performing a literature search
on the topic. You find a journal article detailing a combination laser/radar sensor that
looks promising but suspect that it may have been published in a predatory journal.
Which of the following characteristics suggests that the article has been published in a
predatory journal and should be ignored? Select all answers that apply.

Four of the references cited by the paper are on the topic of synthetic rubber
compounds for aircraft tires.
2.The authors are affiliated with a university that you have never heard of before.
The title of the journal is "International Journal of Advanced Genetic Technology
and Applied Agriculture."
4.There are only two authors listed on the paper.
1 points

Ans: option 1,4

1. Imagine that you're attending an expo with displays on the newest technological
innovations coming to market. At each booth, a salesperson is ready to give a
presentation on the new gadget being sold. You stop at one booth and hear the
following pitch:
"It's time to discard old ideas, old thoughts, old beliefs, and old technology. The XYZ
Levitating Hands-Free Tablet is a game-changer and owning one will definitely show
your friends that you are in tune with the future. The XYZ is brand-new technology and
that makes it perfect, how can you go wrong with new tech?"
Which one of the following logical fallacies is being used to sell the product?

1.Appeal to emotion
2.Appeal to nature
3.Appeal to tradition
4.Appeal to novelty
Option 4

1. Imagine that you're moderating a debate club event and that the topic is on whether
people should be allowed to climb Mt. Everest. One of the participants makes the
following rebuttal to a statement made by the other participant:
"My opponent has made the argument that climbing Mt. Everest should be allowed to

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