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Write a two- or three-paragraph journal entry reflecting on U.S. foreign policy during the long 19th century (1776 – 1914). Your journal entry should explain why you think U.S. foreign policy changed — or did not change — over time and specifically address how expansionism, the Monroe Doctrine, nationalism, and increased global power influenced the role of the United States in the world during this period. Conclude your journal entry with a prediction about the role the United States will play in world affairs during the 20th century.

Need some extra help figuring out what to write? If you can answer these clarifying questions, you are heading in the right direction.

Clarifying questions:

  • How did expansionism change the United States' role in the world?
  • How did the Monroe Doctrine affect relations between the United States and Latin America?
  • How did ideas about nationalism affect the way U.S. leaders saw the United States' role in world affairs?
  • How might the U.S. role as an economic power affect its position in the world during the 20th century?

Scoring Rubric

RequirementsPoints PossiblePoints Awarded
Make a clear statement about whether U.S. foreign policy changed over time.1
Discuss the role of expansionism in U.S. foreign policy.2
Discuss the role of the Monroe Doctrine in U.S. foreign policy decisions.2
Discuss the role of nationalism in U.S. foreign policy decisions.2
Make a clear statement about U.S. decision making regarding the country's involvement in world affairs in the 20th century.1
Back up your statement with clear reasons.2

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U.S. Foreign Policy During The Long 19th Century
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U.S. Foreign Policy During The Long 19th Century
The colonies were proclaimed separate from England, and the United States of America
became a new government. In the late 1700s, the United States government transformed, and
North and South were bonded at th...

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