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This is just a 11 questions short quiz.

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1.In group writing, sometimes one person might write the majority of a document. How can other team members support the solo writer and still be actively involved in the process:

  • Other team members can promote the document to peers.
  • Other team members can review, edit, and even rewrite the document.
  • Other team members can stay out of the way to speed up the process.

2.You are at a company dinner, hosted by the founder and all her colleagues. Most people present are in their 70s. You are sitting at a table with a few others. The founder enters the restaurant and approaches your table. What would be an appropriate way for you to greet them:

  • Remain seated and introduce the founder to the others at the table.
  • Rise, greet the founder, then return to your seat.
  • Rise and introduce the founder to the others at the table.

3.Carlos is looking for a software product that will allow him to coordinate his team projects and track their progress. All team members should also be able to track each other’s progress. What tool would best suit Carlos’ needs:

  • Asana
  • Excel
  • WeBEX

4.When it comes to making group decisions, Viola believes everyone should have an equal voice in the process. And after everyone has had their say, she will go along with what the majority wants, even if she disagrees with it. What decision making process does Viola prefer:

  • voting
  • Compromise
  • consensus

5.What advantage is there for individual contributors to improve their team communication skills in the workplace:

  • It speeds up interaction with peers and customers.
  • It makes both the individual and the organization more successful.
  • It reduces the amount of feedback necessary to work effectively.

6.Bryan just read an email from his manager that explained a new process for his team to share information. He rolled his eyes and silently complained that his boss never asked anyone on his team if this new process would be helpful. Bryan read the first few lines of the email before deleting it, assuming it was a bad idea. What is the source of this conflict:

  • Differences with management.
  • Management doesn’t like Bryan’s team.
  • Bryan doesn’t read his emails.

7.Chrystia is on a team whose production has been inconsistent. The team leader tends to forget what worked and what failed on previous projects. What suggestion should Chrystia make to the leader to break out of this pattern:

  • Have one member track outcomes of meetings and projects.
  • Have one member offer different perspectives during meetings.
  • Have one member distribute notes before each meeting.

8.Leilah and her team are located in different cities across the world. They are writing and editing a marketing plan for their upcoming product launch. They require a tool that will allow each user’s changes to be highlighted and noted by the user. They also want the ability to see the original document next to the edited document. What tool would best suit her team’s needs:

  • Gmail
  • Dropbox
  • MS Word

9.Ahmed is on a team that has gone through the process of improving relationships and assigning roles to members. What pitfalls should Ahmed’s team be aware of that may interfere with their group effectiveness:

  • Pooling employees together.
  • Hindrances to team dynamics.
  • Modified employee structures.

10.David’s boss is twenty minutes late for a meeting with David. What would be an appropriate way for David to deal with this:

  • Text his boss to reschedule.
  • Confront his boss about being late.
  • Leave without notifying his boss.

11.Luis is on a team with people who live in different time zones and countries. Just like other types of teams, members are expected to be accountable for their work, but Luis’ favorite part is that he doesn’t have to worry about his appearance during meetings. What type of team is Luis most likely on:

  • task force
  • cross functional team
  • virtual team

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