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In Milestone Two, you will create credible fictitious digital evidence to support your case. This evidence will logically follow the nature and extent of your selected case submitted in Milestone One. It will take some creativity on your part to research and populate the relevant data type(s), including data retrieved by computer forensics and log data, relevant to the case.


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ACC 427 Milestone One Worksheet Use publicly available information from books, news articles, court records, and so on to research and select a cyber-crime case to use for the final project. Fill in the blank cells of the tables below to sketch out the details of your case and submit this worksheet to complete Milestone One. You will receive feedback from your instructor prior to Milestone Two. Name: ROSA ALVARADO ARRIAGA Date: 11/14/2020 Case Title: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. EVALDAS RIMASAUSKAS Item Criteria 1 The crime involves the use of technology. (Yes/No) Your Answer/Description YES 2 The crime involves a financial loss for the organization. (Yes/No) YES 3 The case involves a criminal proceeding, not a civil case. (Yes/No) YES 4 Were the subjects in the case (a) existing or (b) former employees of the victimized organization? NO 5 What type and location of digital evidence was or would be available in this case? BANK STATETEMENTS, EMAILS, WIRE TRANSACTION RECORDS, COMPUTER LOGS 6 Briefly describe the case, including the who, what, when, where, and how of the committed cyber-crime. You may also include why the crime was committed (optional). 7 What specific crime was committed in this case? EVALDAS ORCHESTRATED A SCHEME VIA FAKE EMAILS TO OBTAIN MONEY FROM VARIOUS COMPANIES. STARTIN IN 2013 THROUGH 2015 EVALDAS USED PHISING EMAILS AND PRETENDED TO BE OTHER COMPANIES, THE VICTIM’S THOUGHT THEY WERE PAYING ONE COMPANY BUT IN REALITY, THE MONEY WAS GOING TO EVALDAS. EVALDAS GOT COMPANIES TO WIRE OVER $100 MILLION HE THEN WIRED THAT MONEY TO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL USE WIRE FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING 8 What is the venue for prosecuting this case? 9 Include any additional information you believe is relevant. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK 10 Include any sources using American Psychological Association (APA) style. Lithuanian Man Arrested For Theft Of Over $100 Million In Fraudulent Email Compromise Scheme Against Multinational Internet Companies. (2017, March 21). Retrieved November 15, 2020, from
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Fictitious Digital Evidence
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Digital proof, commonly known as electronic evidence, may come in several different
types "such as digital photographs, e-mails, instant messaging stories, documents processed in
word, databases, internet browser stories, spreadsheets backup, and computer memory content
and are stored or transmitted digitally (USLegal, 2019). This type of evidence was used to
convict cybercriminals like Roman Seleznev, a Russian hacker. He was running websites selling
stolen credit cards, hackin...

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