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Article Review

Review the following article from ProQuest: Avery, S. (2009, February). MRO
sourcing goes global. Purchasing, 138(2), 48-52. Retrieved from
ProQuest Database.

In a two-to-three page paper (not including the title and reference pages),
identify how your organization or an organization you are familiar with, can
improve in the following best practice areas represented in the

  • Identification of spend types in your purchasing.
  • Identify suppliers with capabilities for global business.
  • Strategy of integrated supply approach with distributors.
  • Processes to track performance of suppliers including cost of ownership and

Submit to your instructor your two-to-three page Word document (not including
the title and reference pages). Your paper should be formatted according to APA
style as outlined in the approved APA style guide, and should cite at least two
scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

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