Tweens, ten going on sixteen and Bombs bursting in Air, assignment help

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Tweens Ten going on sixteen 

Bombs bursting in Air

I need a response of one page. and very simple english  

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Growing Up Too Fast in
Today's World

A realistic concern for parents of children ten years old and above
is that they are growing up too fast and not enjoying just being a
kid. The combination of peer influence and the media have caused
children to want to act like they are much older than they really
are. This can cause problems at home and at school. Children begin to
think that they should look like the glamorous teens they see on
television and in the movies. They sometimes act and speak in ways
that are inconsistent with their age and it can cause arguments with
parents and difficulty at school.

Peer pressure is part of the problem. Children want to be accepted
by their peers, but if they don't fit in with the crowd, they are
likely to become rejected by their friends. This can cause them to
develop low self-esteem, so they sometimes over compensate and do
whatever their fri...

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