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1.719g sample of CaCO3 mixture is thermally decomposed,producing CaO(s)&CO2(g).After reaction,mixture has mass of 1.048g.

How many grams&moles of CO2 are evolved?

How many moles&grams of CaCO3 are in mixture?

What is the percent CaCO3 in the mixture?

Oct 26th, 2014


the mas of CO2 is=1.719-1.048 since it only esacpes as it is gas


mass number CO2 is =12+16*2
moles = mass/mass number
=0.01524 moles

mass number of CaCO3=40+12+3 x16
the  mole ration for the reaction is 1:1 thus
moles CaCO3 involved in reaction is 0.01524 moles.

mass=moles x mass number
  =0.01524 x 100
percantage of CaCO3
(1.524/1.719 ) x 100%

Oct 26th, 2014

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Oct 26th, 2014
Oct 26th, 2014
Mar 28th, 2017
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