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INTRODUCTION: For this discussion, you will explore the phenomenon known as Hamilton: An American Musical. This discussion will function a bit differently since I will provide you with the content to explore rather than conducting individual research. Because of this, only the content provided (which will be a combination of videos, articles, and websites) is allowed to be used for this discussion. Your textbook separates the subject of the performing arts into Theater and the Musical Stage. Although you are not expected to read Chapter 8 focusing on the Musical Stage, this discussion will cover all important items found in this chapter.

GRADING: See the Module Activity Grading Criteria for detailed information regarding the minimum requirements for Discussions. Before composing either your Initial Post or Reflection Post, know the minimum expectations, including word count, appearance, research, etc. Also, review the descriptions for the expectations for each grade level possible for this assignment.

MATERIALS: Only use the sources outlined in the instructions below.


For your Initial Post, first explore Hamilton: An American Musical through the links provided.

List of reviews: Critical Reviews of Hamilton on Broadway

See All About the Hamiltons for more information about the play and its producer.

Review: NPR Cast Recording of Hamilton.

Video: See this backstage look at the rising stars in Hamilton.

Video: Watch this video about the creation of Hamilton by Miranda.

Video: Watch elders react to Hamilton.

Then compose your Initial Post in a way that answers all of the questions that follow:

  • What elements of this musical make it a phenomenon? Be sure to address acting, lyrics, casting, and staging.
  • Since this musical's story is based on a well respected biography of Alexander Hamilton, how is history treated in the musical's storyline?
  • What about this musical seems to resonate with contemporary audiences?
  • What has been the overarching critical response? What do the critics seem to have in common or where do they disagree? Include examples when relevant.

These questions may seem simple, but there are multiple ways to answer them, so do not feel limited to one perspective. The more you explore, the easier it will be to complete this discussion. While the above links will provide plenty of information to complete this discussion, it’s also worth noting that a documentary about the musical aired on PBS. While not required, it’s an excellent documentary for those who may be interested in learning more about the production and can find access to it. Due to restrictions in copyright for this documentary, I am unable to link it to this course, so if you're able to find it on your own, it's certainly worth a watch!

And for those of you who have Disney+, a filmed version of the full stage production (originally slated for a theatrical release) is currently streaming. Of course, watching the full musical is not required.

In your Reflection Post, you will compose a response to a classmate and complete the following:

  • What similarities did you find with your Initial Posts with regard to this musical being a cultural phenomenon?
  • What alternative perspective(s) was/were introduced that you had not thought of in your Initial Post?

As always, review the majority of your classmates' Initial Posts before choosing one to reply to. (200 words)

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Explanation & Answer

Attached is your final Answer! Inital and Reply post

Initial Post: “Alexander Hamilton! We are waiting in the wings for you!” As sung in the
opening number of the hit musical phenomenon “Hamilton: The Musical” composed and written
by Lin-Manuel Miranda and directed by Thomas Kail. Hamilton is one of the top fan favorite
musicals out there. It’s obvious to know that the entire musical is about Alexander Hamiltion.
You know, the guy on the $10 bill. It’s fascinating to know that the idea to create this hit musical
all took place on a vacation spot with a book, a pen, and the astonishing and creative mind of
Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. ...

Just what I needed. Studypool is a lifesaver!


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