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Costco / SAMs Club an BJ'S comparative table

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Comparative table between Costco, SAMs Club and BJ's with the following financial indicators 2012 and three year trend 

A Summary of Five Types of Financial Ratios 

I. Short-term solvency, or liquidity, ratios

 Current ratio=    Current assets

Current Liabilites 

Quick ratio=    Current assets- inventory

     Current Liabilites

Cash ratio=     ____Cash_____        

Current Liabilites

II. Long-term solvency, or financial leverage, ratios

Total debt ratio=    Total assets- Total equity

                 Total assets

Debt-equity ratio= Total debt/Total equity 

Times interest earned ratio=    ___EBIT___


III. Asset utilization, or turnover, ratios

Inventory turnover= Cost of Goods Sold


Receivables turnover= ______Sales______

Accounts Receivable

IV. Profitability ratio

Profit Margin= Net income


ROE= Net incomeSalesAssets

            Sales          Assets               Equity

V. Market value ratios

Price-earnings per share= Price per share

    Earnings per share

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