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Final project will be a 4-6 page paper in APA format including the following:

  • Pick one of the following topics to discuss in your final project paper:
  • Interview a healthcare worker (can be anyone within the healthcare field)
  • 2-3 Scholarly articles (Within last 10 years) used to complete your research on selected topic.
  • Types of technology within healthcare, benefits/downfalls to each type, What are some improvements that need to be made to the current technology we are using in healthcare?
  • What is telemedicine? Benefits/downfalls to using telemedicine?
  • Electronic Health Records, benefits/downfalls, legal/ethical issues related to EHR’s
  • Ethical/Legal issues related to nursing informatics, What can we do to improve these issues?
  • What is their current position?
  • What type of technology do they use to do their job?
  • Do they have required education/training related to technology they use during their shift? If so, explain what technology and what type of training or education.
  • How often do they have to complete education/training to stay up to date on all technology used to do their job?

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Information Technology (IT) has great potential in addressing issues experienced by both
developed and developing nations in offering high-quality, accessible, and cost-effective
healthcare services. Telemedicine applies IT to enhance healthcare services and conquer
geographical obstacles (Molfenter et al., 2015). It is significant, especially for rural and
underserved communities in developing nations-groups that conventionally experience minimal
access to quality healthcare, especially in this period under COVID-19 pandemic where social
distance is mandatory (Cinar et al., 2020). This paper aims at discussing telemedicine and its
benefits and downfalls.
What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine refers to a mainstream of innovation and technologies combined to
improve and offer healthcare when distance detaches the patients. It is also defined as the
practice of caring for the patient remotely. According to Gillis et al. (2015), it has several uses in
public health, management, research, education, and patient care. Both the physician and the
patient do not meet physically. According to Mars and Scott (2017), it occurs as a way of taking
care of patience from far or the delivery of services to a patient remotely. Physicians and patients
use telecommunication services and information to support clinical services from a far distance.
It thus involves using video calls and engaging patients in conference calls or video tools that
comply with the health insurance accountability and portability act. According to Mars and Scott
(2017), sometimes compact medicine kits like mobile phones or computers deliver service to the
sick. Sometimes telemedicine is confused with telehealth but the two are very different.
However, both operate and organize their services remotely using technology. Telemedicine thus
becomes a significant degree helpful for individuals living in confined locales what makes it



currently be applied for all intents and purposes in every therapeutic area. In addressing the real
medical problems identified with care, access, and reasonableness, human services suppliers
need to consider telemedicine a solid choice since getting to a traditional prescription is distant
and troublesome.
Benefits of Telemedicine
There is a huge involvement in taking advantage of technology and telecommunication in
delivering services to patients in healthcare settings. Mars and Scott (2017) state that service
providers, stakeholders, and patients are beneficiaries of this healthcare advancement. Advanced
technologies with telemedicine software are integrated with both medical streaming gadgets and
electronic medical record...

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