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This question needs to be 500 words 1) Discuss in detail the nature of globalization, offering both local examples as well as cases abroad that show evidence that it is an irreversible phenomenon. Address both positive and negative aspects of globalization. (Chapter 1) Rowntree, Lewis, Price, and Wyckoff. 2017. Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 5th ed. This question also needs to be 500 words 2) Take a close look at the discussion of global population presented in the textbook (pages 1925) and consider these demographic characteristics while reading the rest of the chapter. Closely examine the different demographic characteristics of Less Developed Countries in comparison to More Developed Countries, especially in reference to development (Figure 1.24, Table 1.1, Figure 1.26, Figure 1.27, Figure 1.36, Table 1.2, Figure 1.43, and Figure 1.45). Consider this information in reference to the overall world population and discuss how your view of living in the world is likely different from people in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and SubSaharan Africa. (Chapter 1)
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October 9, 2016
Nature of Globalization:

Nature of globalization
It is multinational units situated in various part of the globe however; all are joined by a
common proprietorship. Several units are allured from a common group of resources like
trademark, credit, control system and. The units results into a strategy. For nature globalization
human resources are vastly dissimilar and transactions that are involved in intellectual properties
such as trademarks, and technologies all over the world.
Dimensions of Globalization are the planning to expand the business unit worldwide.
This illustrates the differences between foreign market and domestic market furthermore creating
a global appearance of the business. Dimension also involves location of production and physical
facilities by considering global business changes.
There are various reasons for globalization some of them are to enable shrinkage of time
and distance across the field of business. Through globalization, firms find political stability
across the globe. Globalization also results into technological and managerial improvement. Last
but not least, some companies go global to access raw material and be close to the market.
Globalization comes in stages. The first stage involve arm’s length service where a
domestic company get into a new market overseas through joining local distributors .In the
second stage two , the company carry the business activity by its own. In the third stage the


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