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Needs to be 500 words per question and from textbook Rowntree, Lewis, Price, and Wyckoff. 2017. Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, 5th ed.

6) Discuss population, settlement, and the movement of people in Latin America with special reference to rural-urban migration, emigration, and remittances. (Chapter 4)

7) Discuss the cultural traditions transferred from Africa to the Caribbean via the slave trade. (Chapter 5) 

8) After reading Chapter 8 (and closely examining Figure 8.23), as well as other sources you’ve investigated on your own, discuss the character of Europe’s Cold War geography and explain how the fall of the Berlin Wall precipitated social and economic changes that spanned across the continent. (Chapter 8) 

9) Compare Figure 9.4, Figure 9.5, Figure 9.10, and Figure 9.15, and explain the relationships between the various phenomena presented. What reasons, if any, are there for concern? (Chapter 9)

10) Consider the strong influence of Soviet era Communism in the development of Central Asia, and discuss in detail the role of journalism in Post-Soviet Central Asian countries. In preparing your essay, be sure to view the videostream at: in addition to reading the textbook. (Chapter 10)

The link to the 4th edition book is I could not find the 5th so just use the fourth

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