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1) What are the differences in the financing sources from smaller to the larger FI?

2)  In your opinion, could we consider various REITs as being a part of the mutual funds industry?

3) Class, with Wells Fargo entering back into the subprime market do you think that more zero down options are inevitable or will the market stop short of this type of program?

4) Class, do you think that REITs and direct ownership are similar enough to be substitutes in a portfolio? Would you suggest starting in a REIT and then graduating to direct ownership or are these not related? 

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1) What are the differences in the financing sources from smaller to the larger FI?
Several surveys have concluded that small enterprises are more constrained in terms of their
sources of capital as opposed to the larger enterprises. Small businesses get their finances in
form of small business loans while the large enterprises get their finances in form of huge
loans offered by huge banks. Large business have more assets than small businesses and may
use this to get huge loans as opposed to the small businesses which are limited by their
relatively fewer number of assets. Larger business have long histories and this gives...

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