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Complete Virtual Lab on Acid Base Chemistry (Titrations)

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Complete simple lab report based on outline attached and include all information from virtual lab as required.

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Date NAME TITLE (OF YOUR EXPERIMENT) 1. QUESTION State the general purpose of your experiment. A. Example “Can you determine the acidity of common substances?” i. Usually 1 or 2 sentences after your question stating: 1. What you will attempt to accomplish 2. Any general knowledge you have on the issue 2. HYPOTHESIS A. This is your educated guess on the outcome of your experiment i. ii. iii. Example “I think orange juice will have a pH of 7.” It does not have to be accurate, just what you think will be the outcome of the experiment 1-2 sentences depending on what you are evaluating 1. This does not mean ONLY 1-2 sentences. You must hypothesize the outcome of your experiment** 3. PROCEDURE A. How you are going to proceed. i. ii. iii. iv. This MUST be repeatable. The hallmark of any lab is that your results are repeatable. Imagine you are telling someone how to do the lab over the phone. You can show them so you must tell them in detail It is acceptable to have a list, and short sentences or instructions NEEDS to be specific 4. RESULTS A. Charts/ / Tables i. ii. iii. NOT a paragraph. Results are strictly the numbers/outcomes of the experimental procedures. 1. Keep standard units 2. Example: do not record in miles, then feet, then inches. DO NOT explain the results in this section, it is strictly for reporting results. 1. Explanations are done in the analysis/conclusion section 5. ANYLISIS /CONLUSION A. Present your findings from the experiment i. Here you will explain your results i. How accurate was your initial hypothesis? i. Example “I may have misreported certain pH values because multiple solutions were tested at the same time.” i. Example “in future experiments solutions should be tested one at a time to improve accuracy and avoid mistakes.” B. Evaluate the results of the experiment against your hypothesis C. Discuss discrepancies with your results/ possible problems with the lab D. Infer improvements that could yield better results IMPORTANT POINT TO KEEP IN MIND -SPELLING AND GRAMMAR COUNT TOWARDS YOUR GRADE. -PROCEDURES AND RESULTS SECTIONS ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT DO NOT REQUIRE FULL SENTENCES. -ANY REPORT THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN THESE SECTIONS WILL BE REJECTED OR RECEIVE A FAILING GRADE AT MY DISCRETION. 2 YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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Title: Titration
HYPOTHESIS: Titration of both weak acids and strong acids records similar Ph at the
equivalent position
The purpose of the experiment is to titrate a strong acid with a strong base until an expected
endpoint is achieved. This is when the two reactants stop reacting. The reactants in this
experiment will be HBr which is a strong acid and KOH which is a strong base.
1. What happens chemically when HBr and KOH combine is that there is a neutralization
2. The balanced equation of the reaction is
HBr(aq) + KOH(aq) ---> KBr(aq) + H20(l)
Full ionic equation:
H+(aq) + Br-(aq) → K+(aq) + OH-(aq) → K+(aq) + Br-(aq) + H2O(l)
Net ionic equation
H+(aq) + OH-(aq) → H2O(l)
3. As KOH is added to the flask, the molar amount of OH- it supplies will react with a greater
molar quantity of H+, until at a point where the acid is completely neutralized. This is shown by
the change of color

F.3.The pH of the flask solution rises as you continue adding KOH since it is a strong base
4. The equivalence point is where all the starting solution which is usually an acid has been
neutralized by the titrant usually a base. In this case the pH is 7.0
5.table 1
Initial ions


Equivalelnce point


Final point


6. There are no OH- present in the falsk since there are more H+ from the acid
7. After the equivalence point, neutralization of the acid occurs therefore there are more OH8.Titration curve 1. of KOH and HBr-

10.G.table 2








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