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  1. Read the following online articles.  Both articles emphasize the important role private industry plays in the design and implementation of health policy.  Be sure to note the various ways industry influences health policy.
  2. Visit the following websites.  While reviewing these websites, be sure to note the differences and similarities among the various state plans.
  3. Using workshop readings and your own online research, write a three-page paper examining the three state healthcare policies.
  4. In your paper, be sure to:
    1. Evaluate the details of each type of health plan.
    2. Compare and contrast each plan’s strengths and weaknesses.
    3. Analyze the three plans and determine whether you believe these plans are essentially universal healthcare coverage for their citizens.  Defend your position, citing any research and/or evidence to support your argument.
  5. Your paper should include at least three citations from the textbook, articles, or other credible sources.  Your citations must be in proper APA format.

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Healthcare Policies
Institution Affiliation

Health care policies are implemented with an aim of achieving a certain healthcare goal in the
society. Most policies are also laws that are used to deal with certain issues concerning the health
sector. Different states might choose to implement their own health plan but most health reforms
might have been implemented by the national government. Health care policies deal with
different issues ranging from health insurance to staff performance. They also cover the quality
of health care provided by different healthcare facilities.
Massachusetts Health Care Reform
The policy was enacted in 2006 with an aim of ensuring that all residents of the state have
medical coverage. The law ensured that the employers provided an insurance coverage for all
their employees it included health coverage for the residents who could not afford an insurance
plan. Over the years, its provisions have been amended in order to be consistent with the
Affordable Care Act. The Act also led to the establishment of the Massachusetts connector that
provides subsidized private insurance plans to the residents.
The main strength of the Act was the provision of insurance coverage for more residents. 98% of
the residents of the state have been covered. Racial and ethnic health d...

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