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What is the boiling point of 25.5 g C7H11NO7S in 1.00 x 10^2 g H20

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Round to the nearest tenth.

Nov 22nd, 2017

25.5 g C7H11NO2S (4-nitro-2-toluenesulfonoic acid dihydrate) in 100 g H2O (nonionizing solute) 
The freezing point of H2O is lowered 1.86C per mole of solute. 
The boiling point of H2O is raised 0.512C per mole of solute. 

Molar mass C7H11NO2S = 173.2340 g/mol 
25.5g = 25.5/173.234 = 0.147 moles 
Dissolved in 100g H2O 
Mol dissolved in 1000g H2O = 1.47 mol 
Molality of solution = 1.47m 
1m solution increases boiling point by 0.512°C 
1.47m solution increases boiling point by 1.47*0.512 = 0.753°C 

Boiling point of solution = 100.753°C



Oct 28th, 2014

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Nov 22nd, 2017
Nov 22nd, 2017
Nov 23rd, 2017
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