parent function and composition transformation

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1.  Consider the following transformations on parent function f(x) =sqr root X

y = A(x) which shifts 3 units left;

y = B(x) which shifts the graph down by 2 units

y = C(x) which reflects a graph over the x-axis

y= D(x) which stretches the function vertically by a factor of 5

A.  For each transformation above, write as a function of x.

B.  For each of the following six compositions, on graph paper, sketch/label the parent, and then on the same pair of axes, sketch/label each intermediate function, with its equation, as well as the final composition.

   (i) A then B then C;  (ii) C then B then C (iii) D then C then D;

  (iv)  B then D then B;  (v) D then B then D;  (vi) B then C then B

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