Nature in Robert Frost, writing homework help

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The title is about the poem-- Nature in Robert Frost.

poetry essay.

follow strict MLA style, analyse the nature from Robert Frost's poem.

1000 words

your view need to include 3 points: mystery, beauty, indifferent.

you need use the 3 out sources.

plz do this easy, I am Freshman.  

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Ok here is the paper. Have a good night!

Robert Frost and his Poems About Nature
Robert Frost was born on March 26, 1874, in San Francisco. He spent his first eleven years
there until father died of tuberculosis. Frost then moved to the eastern United States and settled in the
city of Lawrence, Massachusetts. They liveds with his grandparents and he attended Lawrence High
School where he met his future wife, Elinor White. After graduating, Frost went to Dartmouth College
for a short time before returning home to work a variety of menial jobs. He wrote his first poem when
he was twenty years old and his connection to nature was immediately evident. "My Butterfly: an
Elegy," was published in a New York literary journal and he had achieved his first success.
In 1915, Frost and his wife moved to a farm in New Hampshire. He taught at several colleges,
most notably Amherst College where the main library is now named after him. After that he taught
English at Middlebury College in Vermont for more than 40 years. It was during this time that Frost
turned his attention to writing poems about nature. His time in New England gave him a clear
appreciation ...

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