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Need a 100-150 discussion. Need to answer all of the discussion question.

Addressing Theme 1 by:

  1. Defining and describing what it means to have a competitive advantage.
  2. Describing the role of the leader in helping an organization achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

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Addressing Theme 2 by:

  1. Posting (do not attach!) an image that reminds you of a 21st century leader (this could be a specific person; an image of some idea or concept; or any other appropriate image).
  2. Describing three specific ways, related to content covered through this course, the image appropriately describes a 21st century leader.
  3. Describing and evaluating your learning experience in this course (what did you like? What did you hate? What new things did you learn? Did your ideas of leadership change? What difference does this make to you? How will you apply these lessons to your academic, professional, and personal life?).
  4. If you would like (and you DO NOT have to! We respect your right to privacy!), share results from the surveys and what you learned from those activities.

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Competitive Advantage
In business, some factors place organizations at a better position when competing with
their equals. Such an advantage is known as a competitive advantage. For companies producing a
similar product or service, a competitive advantage is an incentive that makes one company’s
goods and service...

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