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I need about 3 and half to 4 pages to meet the requirements that i need it to be applied on the case. The formulation is: 

1. Summary

2. case objective

3. key issues 

4. external threats

5. external opportunities 

6. internal weaknesses  

7. internal strengt   

8.alternative strategies 

9. choice of strategy 

10. Implementation

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Final Answer


Title: The One Day Laundry Company
1. The owners of the One Day Laundry Company
A. Mr. Richard W. Silsby
B. Mr. Ruger L. Swain
2. Case Objective
A. To expand the business
B. To improve efficiency
3. The key issues
A. Hiring of staff
B. Payments
4. Internal weakness
A. Uncleared debts
5. Internal strength
A. The policies
B. Trainings
C. Motivations
6. Alternative strategies
A. Employing more managers
B. Operate as franchising
7. Implementation

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The One Day Laundry Company
The One Day Laundry Company was founded by Charles W. Brown in the year 1932. It
was located in the downtown section of Syracuse. The business was profitable and provided a
good life for both Mr. Brown and his family for quite some time. Mr. Brown had moved his
plant to an older, middle- class neighborhood before his death a year after. His wife, the widow,
takes over the business and was able to manage it for the next decade. She was then forced to sell
it to Richard W. Silsby and Ruger L. Swain in 1966 due to ill health.
Mr. Brown was a graduate of Michigan University with a degree in Personnel
Management. Mr. Swain, on the other hand, had a certain amount of accounting. Mr. Brown
persuades him to part...

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