the historical American fire problem and the current trends, Powerpoint presentation help

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Using APA formatting with 3 references and without plagiarizing.

Topic to write about is: the historical American fire problem and the current trends

Address the following below.

1. Define the national fire problem.

2. Describe the history of fire prevention practices.

3. Describe the philosophy and timing behind regulations for fire prevention, whether successful or not.

4. Identify agencies and organizations that have been instrumental in forming fire prevention efforts in the USA.

5. Compare and contrast the fire problem or prevention efforts to that which other nations have experienced.

Your presentation should be at least 15 slides. A minimum of 10 slides should be used for narration and five for graphics. This does not include your cover page slide (title, your name, and university name) or reference slide. Your slides need to be presented in chronological order from earliest to latest in terms of time.

The presentation requires the inclusion of no less than three non-textbook sources (e.g., Internet, associated journals and magazines (non-Internet sources), and other related books (including associated textbooks), in addition to one source from the online library.

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American fire problem
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National fire problem

These are the challenges faced by the country in firefighting and the danger the society
faces when these incidents occur with the best technique to mitigate it.

Chicago fire of 1871

The fire ravaged most of the town in October 1871. the fire destroyed more than 17,000
structure with more than 90,000 left homeless.

The fire began in a barn on the O’Leary property. The fire paved way for a new and
improved Chicago making it one of the greatest metropolis in the country.

Due to the poor firefighting system, the department was improved to one of the best fire
fighting departments in the country. This made other city fire departments to copy their
procedures used by the town.

Boston fire of 1872

The fire was arguably the most expensive as their was a lot of property damage as
compared to the American history on fire.

This was because the fire took place in the financial districts and business centers of the
city. This resulted in may deaths and a lot of ...

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