"Benefits of Use-Case Modeling" Please respond to the following:

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Describe the biggest challenge to the successful use of use-case modeling and recommend how to overcome the challenge.

Oct 28th, 2014

Limited access to project stakeholders

Geographically dispersed project stakeholders

Project stakeholders do not know what they want

Project stakeholders change their minds

Conflicting priorities

Too many project stakeholders want to participate

Project stakeholders prescribe technology solutions

Project stakeholders are unable to see beyond the current situation

Project stakeholders are afraid to be pinned down

Project stakeholders don't understand modeling artifacts

Developers don't understand the problem domain

Project stakeholders are overly focused on one type of requirement

Project stakeholders require significant formality regarding requirements

Developers don't understand the requirements



Oct 28th, 2014

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Oct 28th, 2014
Oct 28th, 2014
Mar 25th, 2017
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