CVCC The Impact of European Colonialism on IRAQ & the Cradle of Civilization Essay

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Paper should be at least 2,000 words. Choose any one country in the Middle East and evaluate the impact of European colonialism on that state. The paper should be include an introduction, a brief history before colonialism, the state's history with colonialism, how it became independent, how colonialism affected the nations culture, how colonialism affected (and continues to affect) the politics of the state, and how colonialism affected (and continues to affect) its economy. Please use APA style citations!

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Howdy fam🙋 I've attached the final copy of your paper down below. I chose to write about Iraq as a country and how European colonialism has impacted the state. Please have a look at it then get back to me in case you'll need any changes made, I'll be here to assist.Thank you!😉

Running head: IRAQ




Iraq being one of the countries colonized, it was a land known as the cradle of

civilization. A great empire was developed in the region by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and the
Samarians, who were ancient at the time. This development happened between the River Tigress
and Euphrates. The Greeks, the Romans, the Persians, and the Ottoman Turks later ruled the
land, and Baghdad became a center for learning for the Muslims, and they followed the Abbasid
rulers. However, the Mongols overran the region in 1258, which led the way for a downswing
(Britannica, n.d). After a long struggle, the Ottoman Turks won the valley of Tigress and
Euphrates from Persia in 1368, and the region prevailed a part of their empire until World War I
came to an end in 1918.
After a long military campaign during World War I, the British set up a colonial regime
in Iraq. In 1920, the British used airplanes, firebombs, and mustard gas to conciliate the country
for over a decade, where they battled with those forces (Administrator, 2020). In addition to that,
Iraq's response was resistant, which led to an uprising in the country. For a purposeful collection
of taxes and teaching obedience, air attacks were used. As a responsible cabinet minister,
Winston Churchill built Iraq as a high technology colonial control.
In 1932, October 3rd, Iraq was taken into the League of Nations as an independent state.
King Faysal sold the opposition leaders' collaboration after independence since the disputes
between the political leaders and Iraq attracted the mandate's completion rather than the right to
independence. Soon after the admission of Iraq to the League, Nuri Alsaid, the prime minister
since 1930, resigned. King Faysal invited Rashid Ali Gaylani, who was one of the opposition
leaders, to set up a new government, and this was after an interim administration.
All the country's leaders seemed to commit all their efforts to internal reforms by
dropping their ranks. However, internal dissension developed, and the Assyrian uprising of 1933



was the first-ever incident. The Assyrians were considered to be a small Christian community
living in Mosul province, and Britain and Iraq assured them of security. As soon as the mandate
was completed, the Assyrians felt insecure and dictated new assurances. Also, in 1933, matters
rose in the summer when King Faysal was in Europe. Through a minority group, the opposition
leader who was in power wanted to influence the public through a policy that was high handed.
Hundreds of Assyrians were killed brutally in the clashes with the troops from Iraq. Less
than a year after Iraq gave ass...

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