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Capstone Video: Impromptu Interview

[ Music ]

>> Miss Gonzalez.

>> Oh hi Mary. Come on in have a seat and if you don't call me Miss Gonzalez, I won't call you Miss Tiilton- it's Barbara.

>> Okay. It's just that since this is an official visit I thought I'd be at my most business like.

>> Oh. I didn't realize this was an official visit. So okay, officially what's up?

>> Well, I saw the posting that you put on the job board for the entry level coding position.

>> Oh.

>> So

>> And you filled out an application, wonderful. Have a seat.

>> I always prefer to promote from within and I would love to see you make the leap from clerk to coder. Well, let's start off with a few questions and make this an official interview shall we?

>> Okay.

>> Okay. What would you say your qualifications are for this position?

>> Well, I've been working in the department for three years now. And I've done a really good job. I haven't had any complaints anyway and all of my evaluations have been really good.

>> Well, that certainly shows that you're qualified for the clerk position but you already have that one so let's talk about the new position. Other than clerking in the HIM department, what would you say your qualifications are for a position as a coder?

>> Well, I've taken classes in coding. Yes, to prepare for this cause I definitely want to move up in the company and I know about how the office how the department runs and I'm aware of the some of the problems and what to do and things.

>> Well, okay, you said you took some classes. I didn't realize that, that's great. What kind of coding systems did you take classes in?

>> Well, I took ICD9CM and CPT.

>> Great. Have you had any experience in coding?

>> Yeah I mean we did a lot of coding in the classes yeah.

>> Right but I mean besides that.

>> Well, not really. I'd like to.

>> I see. Okay well, have you ever used an encoder?

>> No, no I haven't. Well, no I haven't used an encoder but I've watched in the office hundreds of times and I guess I've come as close as anybody could without actually having used one.

>> Okay.

>> I'm sorry. I'm not answering very well. I just thought that since you know me and I'm already in the department that.

>> That's all true but you do understand I have to ask you the same questions I'd ask anyone applying for the position.

>> Yeah, yeah I guess so.

>> Okay also, each application has to complete an evaluation in which they code different types of cases. That will give us an idea of where your skills are at.

>> Okay, well, while I haven't looked back at my coding books since I finished the class but yeah I'll take the test.

>> Good.

[ Pause ]

>> So, Mary here's where things stand in my estimation. I think you're a great candidate for an entry level coding position. But rather than have you take the test just yet I have an idea see if you think it's fair. What I'd like to do is have you split your time in the coding department. Part of the time you'll be doing what you do now, the clerical work and the other part of the time you can apprentice every day, working with the coders on their clerical work but more importantly they can work with you on coding. I think that this is a really good way to transition you into a full time coding position just a little further down the line.

>> I see.

>> Do you think that's fair? Are you disappointed?

>> Well, maybe, a little disappointed yeah. But on the other hand I think it might be less stress too.

>> That's what I was thinking and this would really ease you into it because it really is a huge change in responsibility.

>> Okay, yeah, yeah I like that idea.

>> Okay.

>> Great.

>> Great. I officially accept.

>> Okay, well, let's see if we can actually get you started on that today. You know when you made this appointment I thought she must have seen the new job posting.

>> Yes, yeah. I've had a very busy two months thanks to you. Yeah I think it's going really well. I've taken more courses in coding and reimbursement and I've been working in the coding department, helping them and getting my work done. So I'm hoping that this puts me in line for the entry level coding position.

>> I see.

>> And I really want to say that I really appreciate you letting me apprentice in the coding department. I really learned a lot there and gotten a lot of coding tips. They let me recode their charts as practice.

>> Okay.

>> And oh yeah I learned how to use an encoder.

>> Fantastic. I'm really glad to hear it's worked out so far. The next question is would you be willing to take a coding evaluation for the position?

>> I would love to take a coding evaluation for the position.

>> Oh wonderful. Well, let's schedule that officially.

>> Officially I'm ready.

Watch the video entitled, “Impromptu Interview”, and answer the following questions.

1.How should Mary have prepared for the interview?

2.What can Mary do to make the next interview more positive?

3.Why would the facility want to give coding tests to potential coders?

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Mary should have prepared in several ways before the interview. First, she could
have had the formal documents showing her qualifications in coding. Additionally,
marry could also have had her skillset in coding outlined. This could have allowed the
interviewer to understand precisely the skills that she has. She shou...

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