How photography has changed the way the world views the migration crisis, assignment help

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ENG 101/ Timed Essay One Choose only one of the topics below. You should prepare for it by identifying the passages from the texts we’ve read with which you’d like to work, by creating an outline of the essay you intend to write, and/or drafting your essay before submitting it. The essay should be 600 words long, at minimum, though it can exceed this number. You should take time, as always, to proofread carefully, as the clarity of your writing will contribute to the grade you receive. You do not need to format your quotations for the essay. 1. We’ve considered at some length John Wideman’s sense of the “forces arrayed against” his brother in “Our Time.” These include those that members of his community say killed Garth, those that drove the economic life out of Homewood, and those that landed Robby in prison for life, as well as the life Robby experiences in prison. And yet, Wideman is also careful to document Robby’s own culpability in what happens to him. For your essay, citing relevant passages where appropriate, discuss your own sense of Robby’s personal responsibility in the lifestyle and crime that landed him in prison, and the relative influence of his community, country, and culture in the life he chose. Be sure you come up with a thesis for this discussion: in a short essay like this one, it may well determine your level of success. 2. In John Berger’s essay “Ways of Seeing,” he writes, “A people or a class cut off from its own history is far less free to act as a people or class than one that has been able to situate itself in history.” How does this sentence resonate in John Edgar Wideman’s “Our Time”? Wideman himself suggests that the people of Homewood are “oppressed.” If this is the case, show us how, and show us how powerlessness, or an inability by some to see how they are being manipulated, can lead people to lose their freedom to act. Quote significant portions of either essay in order to make your point. 3. Berger argues that the invention of the camera fundamentally changed the way people see the world. Consider this concept specifically in the context of a single area of looking at a single issue that is somehow connected with seeing images. For instance, you could focus on war footage, and how photographs, films, and videotapes of war have changed how people think about the prospect of war. But that’s just one example. Any could work here, but you must stick with only one for your entire discussion. Generate relevant examples from your experience, as well as from your experience with looking at the world.
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How photograph has changed the way the world views the migration crisis
The world currently is experiencing the largest and ever growing number of people being
fleeing their homes as result of the conflict, in search of jobs and better economic opportunities.
Millions of people are fleeing conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen, another group of migrants
from Africa try to cross the Mediterranean Sea on small boats in search of a better life, educations,
and other opportunities. And as result of this crisis, many lives are lost on these water bodies as
these migrants take desperate risks to reach the safety of Europe using unsafe boats. This forced
some of the European countries such as Hungary, the Czech and Slovak republics and Poland to
close their borders and have stringent policies against the migrations (Baldacchino, Godfrey, and
Carmen 2016). This essay shall discuss how images of Syria children have changed the way the
world views the migration crisis.
Hell broke loose when a Turkish news agency shared the pictures of his lifeless body being
washed up on the Turkish coast. This caused a global outcry as a picture of Aylan Kurdi who had
drowned off the coast of Turkey was shared over a million times on social media and the leading


new agencies across the globe. He is believed to have been one of 12 Syrians that were traveling
to reach Europe by boat, towards the Greek island of Kos. The numerous online conversation
around the tragic occurrence is believed to have changed the way the world views Syrian refugee
migrants. Many people used their social media handles and...

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