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I need 250 words for each one. I need 5 of the respones each are gonna be 250 words In order to earn extra-credit you must either join us live for the Zoom conversation, or you can watch the recording that will be published in our course under the "Virtual Field Trip Recordings" module. After you listen to the conversation, I would like you to write a one-page (250 word) summary of your reaction to the discussion. Your summary could include information on the following:

1. What did you learn from the discussion?

2. What was the most surprising thing you heard during the conversation?

3. Was there anything you heard that struck you as particularly beautiful or disturbing?

4. Were there any questions that you still had after the conversation was over?

5. What did you enjoy about the conversation?

6. How do you think the talk could have been improved?

Or anything else that you want to discuss about the recording!

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Question One
The most exciting thing I learned from the discussion was the Buddhism was part of our
daily lives. I thought Buddhism was a religion rather than a faith. However, from the virtual
Field trip, I understood various things about this faith. I learned that Buddhism followers do not
subscribe to any faith; instead, they are focused on achieving a state of inner peace and wisdom.
They do this through various things such as meditation. According to Buddhists, meditation
helps them connect with their inner-most emotions and inspires relaxation. Through meditation,
morality, and wisdom, Buddhists believe that they are ultimately on the path to morality. It helps
them awaken their truths. One factor that surprised me was the Buddhists require people to
abstain from self-indulgence. From the virtual field trip, self-indulgence can bare distasteful
truths for the concerned parties. However, at the same time, this faith encourages people to avoid
self-denial. People are supposed to limit their indulgences but, at the same time, ensure that they
feed themselves to the fullest. Another factor that surprised me was the fact that Buddhist
worship at the comfort of their own homes. This differed from my initial thinking of Buddhists
going to temples and designating unique places of worship. The conversation was enlightening
and brought many factors into perspective. I understood Buddhism as a faith better from this
virtual video. However, I still think the conversation can be improved and made better. The
Buddhist could have given her own life experiences and how this correlates with religions such
as Christianity or Islam.
Question Two



I learned that there is an organization that supports and fights for the rights of witches and
Wiccans. The organization also provides ministerial credentials to individuals who are interested
in chaplaincy. It helps the Pagan with or Wiccan visit hospitals or prisons and provides their
fellow Pagans services. To the Pagans in prison, the organization works with them and provides
them with a chance at education and furthering their knowledge base. I was surprised to learn
that Wicca is a religion and a nature-based practice. Wiccans believe that life is sacred and
should be preserved. Even when faced with dangerous animals, they try as much as possible to
protect these animals' lives. I was surprised to learn that magic is older than Christianity. From
my perspective and understanding, Christianity has existed since time immemorial. As such, it is
quite surprising and baffling to learn that magic was in existence long before Christianity. The
most interesting part about the video is that Wiccans differentiate themselves from Witches.
Wiccans don't necessarily do magic; however, this is highly dependent on the individual and the
traditions. Wiccans and Witches are also polytheists. They believe in the existence of many gods,
which is different from the belief of the Christians and monotheist religions. Some of their
practices are similar to those of Christians, such as decorating trees or hanging mistletoe. In as
much as this religion might seem scary, I found and understood some interesting things that
changed my opinion on Paganism, Witches, and Wiccans.
Question Three
From the video, I believe the Jewish community's defining feature is solidarity, culture,
history, and memory. Some Jews depend heavily on connecting with others and creating
relationships with other Jews. They depend on the links they establish and use this as a basis of
their religion and life. Other Jews depend on history and culture as a basis of their religion. Their
history strengthens their faith and helps them connect with the faith deeper. Israel is their



primary source of history and culture and has led to the establishment of so many of their
practices. Israel also forms the basis of most of its beliefs, even if they disagree with some of its
practices. From the presentation, I also understood that this religion is a mix of various elements
and cannot be restricted to one dimension. One exciting factor I learned from the presentation is
the importance of a Sukkah. A Sukkah is a Jewish structure created for the Sukkot holiday. This
is usually a hut-like structure in which one sleeps, eats, and communes during the celebration. A
Sukkah is usually open to reflect the stars above; in this era, most Sukkahs are built above homes
and in high places. A Sukkah can be considered sacred as it helps the Jewish community connect
with their religion and faith. It aids in the celebration of a special occasion and reminds the
Jewish community of some important aspects of the religion.
Question Four
From the presentation, I learned that Quakers have existed for about 350 years. Quaker
ism is shaped by various factors, including the England manifestation and Reformation. This was
a time when regions were being torn apart by war and others being wiped out. This explains the
belief that most people have in terms of the existence of Quakers. Quaker ism was established by
a shoemaker who went before a judge and told him to wake before God. He became the first real
Quaker and served as the foundation of all Quakers. The belief unites Quakers in every human
being's ability to access the light within and that God is in everyone. This exp...

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